Friday, April 28, 2006

Stop the Attacks on Women's Health by the Government

What's a picture of Glamour Magazine doing on a minister's blog? No, it's not the cover story on "juicy sex answers from 109 men!"

The Religious Declaration calls for a a faith-based commitment to sexual and reproductive rights. This month's Glamour magazine includes a frank and alarming article on the Bush administration's assault on women's health. In an article titled, "The New Lies About Women's Health", the reporter writes:

"In fact, Glamour has found that on issues ranging from STDS to birth control, some radical conservative activities have used fudged and sometimes flatly false date to persuade the do lies become official government health information?"

The article goes on to detail false reproductive health information on government web sites, inaccurate federally funded teen education, the withholding of over the counter emergency contraception, denial of EC to rape victims, misinformation campaigns on HPV, condom effectiveness, and abortion side effects, and the stacking of health panels with ideologues. It is a masterful overview of attacks on women's health and I urge you to read it.

But more...I urge you to include it in your sermons and newsletters, pass it on to others, and call on your federal representatives to end the attack on women's sexual and reproductive rights. It's not just a public health issue; when the government lies to us and denies us health services, that's immoral.

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