Friday, May 08, 2009

President Says No To Just Say No! Yes to ALL Teens Sexual Health Needs

I learned late yesterday afternoon that the President's 2010 budget did what he promised he would do: eliminate ineffective and wasteful federal programs, and it included all three abstinence only funding streams.

From the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy:

President Obama released his FY 2010 budget today and called for at least $164 million in funding for a new teen pregnancy prevention initiative. This includes competitive grants for evidence-based programs, research and evaluation, and an authorization for $50 million in new mandatory teen pregnancy prevention grants to states, tribes, and territories. The budget eliminates funding for Community-Based Abstinence Education and the mandatory Title V Abstinence Education program.

I haven't reviewed the federal budget yet, and understand from other emails that the Hyde Amendment was left standing. I'll blog more about this when I find out more.

But, I'm celebrating on saying no to just say no federal programs! These changes lay the groundwork for funding for comprehensive sexuality education programs (although right now the budget specifically says teen pregnancy prevention, which needs to be expanded to include HIV/STI's and GLBT young people).

Thank you to the more than 900 clergy who endorsed the letter we sent to the White House earlier this month supporting comprehensive sexuality education. I'd like to think it played a tiny part in making this happen! And thanks to all of my SRH colleagues who have worked tirelessly to have this happen. And blessings to the President and his staff for following through on their campaign commitments on this!

This isn't just a public health victory -- it's a moral victory for young people who deserve the truth and life saving information!

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I am glad that the President is giving the people a choice and not forcing bias ideals to them.