Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Religious Right: Old Wine, New Wineskin

Dear Ralph Reed:

I read yesterday that you are starting a new organization, the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

I read that you told US News, "This is not your daddy's Christian Coalition. ..It's got to be more brown, more black, more female, and younger. It's critical that we open the door wide and let them know if they share our values and believe in the principles of faith and marriage and family, they're welcome."

Now, Mr. Reed, I believe in faith and marriage and family; in fact, I have faith, a marriage, and a family. I also believe as your web site says in the "dignity of life and marriage."

So, why do I think that you weren't thinking of people like me when you created this new version of your previous organization? Our faith teaches that God created all of us and that sexual and gender diversity is part of God's blessing. We believe that marriage should be available to all committed loving adult couples. We believe in women's moral agency. We believe that all families have value and deserve respect and support.

We think those ARE "time honored values." And we're not going to let you claim that you speak for all people of faith or that you get to narrowly define faith, marriage, or family.

Because they belong to all of us.

And just because you say that this is new some of us remember only too well your earlier work. It may be a new wineskin, but it's not new wine.

In Faith,

The Reverend Debra W. Haffner

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Lyn said...

Is definition narrow? Or is it just that it isn't your definition. As a person of faith I just barely fall on the "liberal" side of things. But while I understand your zeal for equal rights for all consenting adults in relationships, I also understand the position of conservative Christians who have the courage to take an unpopular position on homosexuality. I may not agree, but I can understand.