Monday, December 21, 2009

Help the Religious Institute Meet Its Goal...18 To Go

I'm just back from a few days of vacation before the holidays begin.

It was an eventful few days to be away from the computer and the office.

I'm celebrating that the mayor of the District of Columbia signed marriage equality legislation late last week. I love that the signing took place at All Soul's, a Unitarian Universalist congregation in D.C. It was a stirring reminder that people of faith support marriage equality.

I'm furious that the Senate approved the Nelson amendment as part of health care reform, again limiting coverage for abortion services beyond current limitations. The Democratic leadership caved for one Senator's support of the overall bill. Once again, women's lives were traded away for votes.

On a more positive note, I came back and found that the Religious Institute leader network has grown to 4982...just 18 short of 5000. That's right, we need only 18 religious leaders (clergy, religious educators, theologians and staff of faith based organizations) to pass 5000 religious leaders who publicly support sexual justice issues.

Can you help us meet our goal by the end of 2009? If you are a religious leader, please go to and do it online. If you are a person of faith, please ask your clergy person or religious educator to do so now.

We've got 10 days to go and 18 people to put us over the top! Can you help?

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