Monday, March 01, 2010

Criminal Miscarriage or Miscarriage of Justice?

Did you know that the state of Utah has just passed legislation (waiting for the Governor's signature) that criminalizes some miscarriages?

I wrote about this on the Huffington Post on Friday:

The comments are fascinating, and I'd love you to join that discussion.

To the person who asked, "are they trying to create tests to overturn Roe?"

Uh, yes. Not just in Utah, but in states across the country.

I hope you're speaking out for reproductive justice.


Cynthia L. Landrum said...

I couldn't follow your link, so here's where I found it in case anyone else has this problem:

I had a long argument with a friend about this law after I read about it passing. Her perspective is that women won't really be charged with it for frivolous reasons, so it won't really matter that they can. I hope she's right, but I have very little hope that this will be the case. As you said, 1 in 3 pregnancies results in miscarriage. It's a nightmare world where we start looking for ways to blame the women and punishing them for it. I find this Utah law troubling in so many ways.

UUpdater said...

The link you referenced did not work for me, I believe is correct.

Desmond Ravenstone said...

I wonder how many of the legislators who voted for this bill would also vote to finance good prenatal and neonatal care.

Probably between few and none.

Steve Caldwell said...


I don't know if you've seen this story from Iowa:

"Pregnant Iowa Woman Arrested for Falling Down"

A woman was arrested and investigated after falling down stairs while pregnant. The DA dropped the charges due to a technicality in the Iowa law -- she wasn't in her 3rd trimester yet.