Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bristol Palin's PSA on Teen Pregnancy

Candies released its new PSA with Bristol Palin.

There are a lot of things that are troubling about it. It implies that only families of means (or even perhaps with famous parents) can adequately support their pregnant teen daughters. That is of course patently false. And teen parenthood is hard, no matter your family's resources.

It also doesn't begin to mention that teenage pregnancy can be PREVENTED through the use of contraception.

But, I like the overall message that teenage parenthood is tough, and I find "pause before you play" compelling. To me, it says think about sex before you have it, always a good message for teenagers AND adults. No matter what your age, thinking BEFORE sex is always a good idea (although as a sexologist, I'd tell you that thinking DURING is rarely.)

I think this ad would be a great trigger for discussion with teens in your home or in a classroom. One could point out the classist assumptions -- and still point out that preparing for sex, making sure it's right for you and the circumstances, and then choosing to abstain from intercourse or get contraception and condoms before anything physical happens.


Unknown said...

I almost hate to say this, but I like it. And I think the issue of fame (with its suggestion of money) and the support of the family were named separately enough to be, as you point out, a great starting point for a conversation.

Jennifer said...

I love the 'Pause before you Play' I think that could really work as a slogan for teens and sex. It never mentions abstinence, which is best but unreasonable. It also never mentions birth control which is a good solid second choice and should be taught to everyone.