Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How About Those Who Are Already Born?

Yesterday, at a Vatican sponsored conference, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed that embryos are "sacred and inviolable" even before implementation in a woman's uterus. He set the stage for discussions against in vitro procedures, stem cell research, and emergency contraception, and for calls for embryo adoptions.

We all know that there are deep religious differences on the question of when life begins, and I can't object to the Pope clarifying the Vatican position. But, why haven't we heard from this Pope on taking care of the world's children who have already been born? Why haven't we heard Vatican announcements on what we can do for the children of Darfur, the Sudan, Southeast Asia and so on? Why has this Pope still not addressed the soul scarring effects of those children who were sexually abused by priests and why has he refused to meet with its survivors?

A few weeks ago, I preached on "Love" and talked about the Pope's new encyclical on love and charity. Although surprisingly affirming of sexual love, I wondered if it was setting the foundation for future statements against contraception, women's rights, and GLBT people. Yesterday, we learned the beginning of the answer.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Someday I will intend to write an article entitled "When the oxytocin wears off..." What life does to the living can be cruel indeed.

I wonder, too, about the religious right's relative silence on the sanctity of life of soldiers in battle (on both sides), the sanctity of those caught in the crossfire, and those whose lives are profoundly affected by the decisions on Capitol Hill made on their behalf which will imperil their future. If life is sacred, let us speak a courageous word to those who are on this earth struggling to survive.

The National Council of Churches issued a statement calling on Secretary Rice to urge the Bush administration to take the lead in addressing the issue of genocide in Darfur. You may read more AND sign the letter to Secretary Rice at the FaithfulAmerica.org website. The article, "Who will Protect the Living" may be found at:

Thanks for a thoughtful article!!