Friday, May 04, 2007

Father McGreevey?

Former Governor of Jim McGreevey's office released two press releases this week: his wife knew he was gay before she married and he is entering General Theological Seminary in the fall.

Somehow both of those ring false to me.

I've known and worked with too many women over the years who have only found out their husbands are gay when they finally have the courage to tell them (and in McGreevey's case, the whole world at a press conference.) The fact that his sexual orientation is being used as a pawn in their custody battle is wrong, but the "she knew it already" defense seems like a poor one.

As for the seminary? I can only say that I hope your call is real, unrelenting, and grounded in a desire to serve God in a new way -- and not a search for some place to hide. My usual counsel to people who ask me about seminary is don't go unless you have to...

Seminary education and the move to ministry was the hardest thing I have ever done, Mr. McGreevey. It is intellectually demanding, but more it asks you to examine every aspect of your faith, your understanding of your purpose in life, and it rigorously challenges how you think about yourself in the world.

I pray that you are sincere and ready. (And since you'll be in New York, perhaps you will want to take my course on "Sexuality Issues for Religious Professionals" at Union Theological Seminary the next time it's offered. It might be a good way to understand more of your journey.)

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