Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Georgia Rule

Ministry takes me to many wonderful places. Last night, I had the privilege of being at the premiere of the new movie, "Georgia Rule", starring Jane Fonda, Felicity Hoffman, and Lindsay Lohan.

Each of their performances is stunning. (As are they are...what a treat to see them all at the premiere last night.)

But, more importantly, the film is the first movie that I know that deals honestly with the issues of adolescent familial sexual abuse. The buzz around the movie has been about Lindsay Lohan's continuing "bad girl" behavior on and off the set; how much more important it would be if the reviewers and the press addressed the central issue of the film.

Lindsay plays Rachel, who was sexually abused by her mother's husband for two years from twelve to fourteen. Her own promiscuity and her confusion about her sexuality stem from the abuse. Her mother struggles with whether to believe her or believe her husband.
Rachel represents the MORE THAN HALF A MILLION children and adolescents who are sexually abused each year. In the case of girls, it's most likely done by a family member or close family friend. In 90 percent of the cases, abuse is committed by someone the child knows well.

Go see this movie. Bring your teenage children. Talk about it. More importantly, educate your children and yourself about sexual abuse prevention. Make sure your faith community does so as well.


Cassandra said...

The reviews of it on overwhelmingly panned the flick. I'm not opposed to movies with serious subject matters, but they need to be well done if I'm going to give them 2 hours of my day. I think I'll pass on this one.

Anonymous said...

I am far from being a movie critic, but I like to go to movies once in a while. The reviews I have read have been particularyly harsh..not sure what that is about?..They seem to focus on the writer though. I thought the acting was really solid....even more than that..and the cinematograhpy just stunning..the whole thing took me away to Hull (dull?),Iowa for two full hours...I didn't once during the film have my thoughts on 'me'--so its a winner in my mind....Lindsy Lohan may have been playing 'herself' but, she was so convincing....and she is a true American beauty..I could not take my eyes off of her...Jane Fonda was convincing as well....and 'god bless' her for allowing us to see her without the camera brave is that for a woman her age in Hollywood? ..she is almost go Jane Fonda!...more..more.....and Felicity Huffman ...was so believable as an alcoholic...I just wish Ms. Fonda would make a fun movie rather than one with so serious a subject..maybe that is her calling?.she is one BRAVE lady......