Monday, July 02, 2007

Michael Moore -- Prophet

My regular readers know that my first career training was in public health, and so I'm going to take a break from my usual entries on sexuality and religion, to tell you -- no, URGE you -- to go see SICKO, Michael Moore's new film on what's wrong with health care in the United States.

The movie is way too disturbing to say that I enjoyed it, but it is both engrossing and entertaining. Like the best kind of sermon, it made me laugh and it made me cry. I am left with haunting images of people who have died because of our insurance-driven health care system and how much better England, Canada, France, and even Cuba provide health care for their citizens.

At one point towards the end of the movie, Mr. Moore explains that we need to move from a profit driven system to one where "WE means more than ME." I thought to myself that this is what the Scriptures mean by "love your neighbor as yourself." It's what the book of Matthew means when it tells us that we will be judged in heaven by how we took care of the least among us. It indeed is speaking truth to power.

This is a movie crying out for social justice. It deserves to be seen in theaters across America. It calls us to action. Pass the word on.

Rev. Debra


Robin Edgar said...

UUgrrl -- Prophet

This is a blog crying out for justice. It deserves to be seen by U*Us across America. It calls U*Us to action. Pass the word on.

Anonymous said...

I do plan on seeing Sicko when it comes out on DVD. The American health care system needs serious overhaul, no doubt, but so does the Canadian health care system and from what I understand, England's does as well. I can speak to Canada's health care problems personally since my family and I have been subject to the sub-standard care and long waits. It's not a health care utopia by any stretch of the means. It's a decaying system on the verge of collapse.