Friday, July 20, 2007

Video Posted!

Here's the actual video:


Anonymous said...

Rev. Haffner - wow. On top of absolutely agreeing with your content, I am so impressed with your poise and stick-to-it-iveness in that interview.

I think you're brilliant. Thank you thank you.

UU-Mom said...

Terrific job! I put it in my blog - I think everyone should see it. I posted on YouTube, but it didn't come out exactly the way I meant it - oh, well, one of the downfalls of these comment areas. I forgot to rate it, but I'll got back and give it a 5 (for you, not O'Reilly, but maybe he needs to know that it's a good topic).

Katie said...

Dearest Reverend Haffner, I am so awed by your articulation while under fire on the Bill O'Reilly show. I saw you on YouTube and was thoroughly impressed. As a mother I always teach my children the correct names for their body parts. I completely agreed with you on not witholding information from our kids, but giving it to them at age appropriate levels. They can certainly understand "uterus" as well as they can understand "belly-button". When my son asked me "why does the baby sleep inside your stomach, mom?" I had to tell him that the baby wasn't with all of the food inside my tummy, but in another kind of "stomach" where babies grow called my uterus. "Oh, okay." End of discussion. And if he thinks of other "add-on" questions, I'll roll with that, too. I do understand where a teacher might want to tell a child to go and ask their parents a question like that - completely understand that. But I wouldn't be opposed to a teacher answering my child in the same way I would with a direct, short, kind answer. I completely agree with you. Good for you!! Be encouraged!
You really came off looking like the winner in that interview, as you kept your cool and positive attitude!
I'm so sorry for the negatives you get - it is too bad that some people have to be so terrible.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Haffner,

I am so sorry you are receiving hateful and threatening messages. THIS Christian thinks your comments were right on the money!

Anonymous said...

That man is a pustule.

You positively rock. thank you for your tolerance & articulate patience.

You know, I'm perpetually awed that Americans of the O'Liely Ilk are so *blind* to the rest of the World's cultures.

...I suppose Bill would prefer all women were merely content with his meagre offerings & a loofa.

Thank you. Women like you will change the World... & unfortunately, nothing scares cretins like him more.

"U.S. a theocratic state", says former Canadian ambassador
"Faith Without Fear": Irshad Manji
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Fear Education? do we, if we don't teach Evolution?
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LightMyChalice said...

I am so proud that someone is doing this. You are so dead on right (as you usually are). There is no difference between vulva and elbow in their explicitness by nature. Only by society have we created this divide in what body parts are good and what body parts are bad and making vulva or penis "bad" body parts absolutely hinders a child's sexual and emotional development.
Good going! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your exchange with O'Reilly on! You were articulate and affable. Nicely done.

For the record, I generally find O'Reilly to be grating and inconsistent.

Debra W. Haffner said...

A congregant wrote me two haikus about my time with Bill O'Reilly. I thought you'd enjoy them. Thanks Rick!

Hail the uterus!
(Just another body part)
"Like an elbow, Bill."

Speak truth to power?
Or, in a powerful place
to an idiot?