Monday, July 14, 2008

What Loving Your Enemies Looks Like: Bishop Gene Robinson in England

U.S. Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson preached at an Anglican Church in England this weekend. He's on his way to the Lambeth Conference, an every 10 year conference by the worldwide Anglican church, a conference where his very right to serve, and the rights of other openly gay Episcopalians to serve, will be discussed and debated.

Watch this clip from the BBC:

Really. Stop now and watch it. It's less than two minutes.

It brought me to tears. The parishoners OUT LOVE the angry, fearful, scared heckler. And then the Bishop continued, asking for them to love him some more.

May we pray to do the same.


ogre said...

Can you explain? I watched... and watched again. But I didn't see the loving.

I saw appropriate sorts of behavior by Robinson and others. But loving?

The slow clapping isn't supportive. It's an attempt to drown out the speaker. I don't understand how that's "loving" (not that I found it inappropriate!). And then the heckler was escorted out, firmly.

So I'm fascinated by your reaction and curious to hear your perception of what you saw in the video.

fausto said...

I think it was Bp. Robinson whom they were showing their love for, by overwhelming the heckler with their hymn singing.

Anonymous said...

As painful as this is to watch - this outrageous display of guerilla tactics used to disrupt a worship service - I watch and think "At least this protester stood up and shouted." I wonder if it isn't as damaging to have the quiet, nearly imperceptible undermining of persons or ideas go on in our sacred spaces and spiritual homes that we can't watch on YouTube.