Monday, February 23, 2009

A Sexologist Minister Look At The Oscars

I was at an all day meeting today in New York City, looking at how to increase full inclusion for LGBT persons in synagogues, so I didn't get to blog earlier about the Oscars.

Cheers to Dustin Lance Black, the young (how young is he??) writer of MILK, who thanked Harvey Milk for saving his life and the lives of other young gay men by promising them a better life. It was sweet and touching and TRUE.

I was thrilled that Sean Penn won, glad that he dissed the hateful protesters, and that he asserted that marriage equality is coming. I think so too.

Kate Winslet...She was terrific as the 30 something Hannah, not so believable to me as the older prisoner. And I still don't understand how being illiterate is WORSE than killing Jews. Really. Also, how come not a single reviewer talked about the fact that this was CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE? He was 15, she was in her mid thirties. Wouldn't people have been outraged about a movie about a 15 year old girl with a man twenty years older? (Oh right, they were. It was called Lolita, and if I remember correctly, it was banned.)

And I was rooting for Slumdog, and glad it won all those awards. It still amazes me that a movie that shows the horrors of poverty in Mumbai still ended up feeling uplifting. One can only hope that some of the money the movie made goes back to helping all the children of the slums who appeared in it. Is it?

As for the picture above -- it was a beautiful dress, but could those be real emeralds? The ring too. If they were real, shame on you, Angelina. Think how many children that could have fed.

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