Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Health Care Is a Right -- Not a Privilege

I missed my phone call with the President today.


President Obama did a conference call with faith leaders on health care reform, and for some reason, I was unable to access the conference call. My clergy friends on facebook are already reporting that nothing new was said. I still wish I had been able to get on the call.

But, I thought you might want to listen. You can hear it at

I'm pretty sure that sexual and reproductive health issues didn't come up (but I'll listen to be sure.) However, before I was a minister, before I was a sexologist, I was a public health professional, and I believe with all my heart that health care should be a right for us all. And I'm hoping that while the President was speaking to my clergy colleagues, he was also getting the message that as people who are committed to serving the most needy, the most marginalized, and the most vulnerable, he cannot back away from a public option proposal for all who otherwise have no insurance.

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