Thursday, January 07, 2010

Single Adults Have Sex. Get Over It. Stop Covering It. (and Peter Orsag)

I just finished a blog for Huffington Post.

You can read it here

It's based on the "news" report this morning that President Obama's budget director had a child out of wedlock and is engaged to someone beside that child's mother.

The story astounded me. Not because of Mr. Orsag's private life, but because it's making the national news.

It's 2010, people. Most single adults have sex. Four in ten births in the U.S. are out-of-wedlock.

It's not our business. See what else I have to say here.


Robin Edgar said...

You can read it here and you can read how to quite easily write HTML code to create hyperlinks here. :-)

BTW I am a bit confU*Used by this blog post Rev. Haffner. One the one hand you seem to be an ardent supporter of marriage equality but on *this* hand you seem to be saying marriage is quite unnecessary if not obsolete. Could you please elaborate on your position regarding marriage? To say nothing of your position on safe sex and birth control. . .

Elizabeth said...

Hallelujah. As a firm advocate of realism (in both scientific and public policy... not to mention media coverage of same), I salute you. I love this blog.

Bill Baar said...

Four in ten births in the U.S. are out-of-wedlock.

It's not our business.

That's a stat not without consequence... it is our business if we have any collective obligation towards raising kids.

Bill Baar said...

PS Listen to some of the Prez's Father's day speeches. They're very Preachy when it comes to a Father's and Parent's obligations.