Monday, January 18, 2010

We Are the One's We've Been Waiting For - Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King

Yesterday at an interfaith Martin Luther King service in my town I said, "Today is not just a day of celebrating. It's a day of calling. Martin Luther King called us to our better selves, called each of us to take action in the world." And I asked the congregation to send prayers and money to the people of Haiti.

I keep thinking about Pat Robertson's stupid comment last week about Haiti. I've been thinking about what I would say to him if I had a chance. I think I've finally got it.

The God I know does not send earthquakes, or floods, or tsunamis or disease to punish people.

The God I know sends prophets like Martin Luther King to awaken us to action.

The God I know sends us -- you and me -- to make the world a better place.

Let us hear that call.

What can you do today to make a difference?

UPDATE: A Prayer from Haiti, by my colleague Dr. Pamela Lightsey, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary

A Prayer for Haiti

by Dr. Pamela Lightsey

O God, we have been stunned once again by an event
Which seems so unnatural and yet is called "natural disaster."

We have no words to answer the "why" which we feel,
No wisdom to explain away the unexplainable areas of life.

Keep us from attributing this event as a heavenly reprimand,
Or from a certain haughtiness that tempts the distant soul.

Give us to be compassionate and gentle, servants to those in need.
Remind us of your gracious love in the midst of sorrow,
And your ability to work miracles when hope is faint.

We pray for those who suffer in Haiti even now
And for those who await rescue.
For relatives, for the children,
For mothers and fathers,
Sisters and brothers,
Grandparents, aunts and cousins.
For the survivors who question what more they might have done.
And for those who must keep on keeping on, in spite of.
For the leaders,
For those who bring aid
And those who await news.
Strengthen and encourage them we pray.

Now unto you, O God, we take the burdens of this hour and place them in your divine care.
For all you do and are doing, seen and unseen, we give thee thanks, Eternal God of All Creation.


Kristin T. (@kt_writes) said...

I really needed to read and spend time with this prayer this morning. Thank you for sharing it.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Rev. Haffner, please look a little closer at the tweet I sent you. Since you blocked me and don't list an e-mail address, this is the only way I know to reach you.
How is my "nude" church women calendar offensive to a sexologist? Especially considering the images themselves are all rated G, most feature women over 50, who engaged in the project as an empowering lark.
Please reassure me that a fellow UU is not so closed-minded as to take offense without a further look. You'd think my handle as a widow might encourage you to look more closely before blocking AND reporting?
Please let me know if this drastic move can be undone and if there's anything we can do to resolve your strong feelings about this.

Debra W. Haffner said...

My objection is that you used my twitter account to reach my followers to promote a product, without consulting me. I would have reacted the same way to any follower who did that. If you'd like to talk, you can call me at the Religious Institute at 203 222 0055.