Monday, March 12, 2007

The Day After the Sabbath

I am just back from a week's vacation at a health spa in Baja California.

It was a wonderful Sabbath -- a time for relaxing, reflection, hiking, stretching, meditation, and healthy eating. I resisted any inclination to do work or even read the newspaper. I chose to enjoy the world each day and to step away for seven days from trying to change it.

I am enjoying a sense of peace and centeredness this morning that I am reluctant to give up. So, I will resist commenting this morning on Ann Coulter's overt homophobia, yesterday's New York Time's article on the culture wars, or anything else that happened in the world while I was enjoying my Sabbath week. There is time enough to begin again tomorrow.

I am resolved to make at least one day a week a Sabbath day. As my good friend, Reverend Kath Booth taught me, keeping the Sabbath is not a suggestion. It's a Commandment.

I return to my ministry with in E.E. Cummings words, "the eyes of my eyes are open, the ears of my ears are awake." I wish the same for you.


Cassandra said...

Glad to hear you are renewed in mind and spirit. You don't realize how much you needed a vacation until after you've returned. At least, that's the case with me.

I'm grateful that my faith commands me not to work on Sundays. I really *need* it. I don't know that I'd have the discipline to self-impose a day off. God really does know us better than we know ourselves.

Debra W. Haffner said...

Cassandra, clergy WORK on the Sabbath...! I often find that I am doing ministry on both Saturday and Sunday, and some months I go 15 - 18 days without a full day off. So, I need to do a better job of as you say "self imposing" a day of rest.

Cassandra said...

Ha! Yes, this is true. Clergy work 24/7. That's why they go on retreat!