Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Straight Talk on Morality

I have a feeling I'm giong to be using this picture a lot on the blog in the next few months.

I apparently missed the political follow up to General Pace's comments last week about the immorality of homosexuality. Senators Clinton and Obama were both asked by reporters whether they agreed with General Pace, and both apparently couldn't come up with answers on the spot. Both later released clarifying statements.

What -- they didn't know that a reporter or a supporter might want to know their position on this issue? How could they have been caught off-guard?

So, in case someone from these campaigns are listening, here's my suggested thirty second sound bite on morality, Senator Clinton and Senator Obama.

"We cannot judge a person's morality based on their sexual orientation. Morality is defined by relationships, not specific sexual acts or the sex of the partner. Sexual relationships should be consensual, non-exploitative, honest, mutually pleasurable, and protected."

Then, I'd hope they'd go into their support for ENDA, hate crimes legislation, and dare we hope, marriage equality.

I talked to a Philadelphia Daily News columnist extensively about sexual morality last week. She did a terrific job of capturing the Religious Institute position on morality. Read her piece in today's paper on sexual morality.

And to the growing list of potential Presidential candidates from both parties, we'd be happy to send you resources to help you with your positions on these issues.

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