Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Small Step Against Gender Violence

Ruby Ordena was found murdered last week in the San Francisco Mission District, and I want to know why more of us haven't heard that. She was a 27 year old transgender Latina and according to Gender Pac, she was at least the 50th known violent murder of a transgender person since 1995.

I understand that many people are still uneducated about transgender persons and uncomfortable when they meet someone who doesn't fit our notions of masculine and feminine. The need for education about gender identity is acute, not just for youth but for adults as well.

But, where is the national outrage that Ms. Ordenana was violently killed because of her gender expression? How is it possible that we haven't heard voices condemning such senseless violence?

In fact, according to Gender Pac, the only national voice was radio host Michael Savage who called Ms. Ordenana "a psychopath" and a "freak" on his nationally syndicated radio program.

No, Mr. Savage, she was a child of God, just like you are, who deserved to live without violence or discrimination.

So, want to take a stand today. Write Mr. Savage at and tell him as a person of faith you believe that every person has dignity and worth and a right to the American promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You'll feel better. I did.

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JustMeKaren said...

I am not outraged by her murder...I am sickened, horrified, saddened, appalled, heartbroken...I am a transsexual woman, too, like Ruby. I am sure she just wanted to live as herself - why should she have to die to be herself?

Savage should be ashamed of himself. I am outraged by what he said, and the awful people who think he is right about Ruby's death.

May she rest in peace, and may Michael Savage finally find a peace in his heart, one that deters him from such terrible ideas about other people.j