Monday, August 25, 2008

Conventions Begin

It's a good thing that Mad Men is on Sunday nights (my current must see TV program), because for the next four nights, I'll be glued to CNN or CSPAN.

It will be fascinating to see how sexual justice issues play out over the next two weeks. Despite all of the atttention the nation needs to be spending on the economy, the war, health care, and education, I'm wondering how much time will be spent on sexuality issues -- most notably reproductive health and justice and full inclusion of LGBT issues.

Right now, according to the line up for the Denver speakers, the presidents of NARAL and PPFA are evening speakers. Curiously, I can't identify one of the speakers as a leader on lesbian and gay concerns. Perhaps the party hopes that no one will notice if marriage equality just isn't mentioned.

I debated whether to join many of my colleagues at the many faith based events scheduled in Denver this week, but since no one asked ME to speak ; ) I decided I'd stay home and watch it on television.

Stay tuned.

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