Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrating Women Over 40

The cover of the new More magazine features Jane Fonda at 70, Sharon Stone at 50, and Tea Leoni at 42 looking strong, beautiful, and sexy.

When I saw it, I thought that a cover of the three women dominating the upcoming election would have made the same point. Cindy, 54, Michelle, 44, and Sarah, 44.

This election is changing the way the public looks at women over 40. These women are eloquent, forceful, independent, accomplished, beautiful, and dare I say it - sexy. They are all women who balance motherhood and careers. They say to America and the world, women over 40 still have "it."

We've known all of them since high school. Cindy, the beautiful homecoming princess who every boy wanted to go out with but stayed home alot because they were afraid to ask. Sarah, the cheerleader who was great for gossip but you knew you had to watch your back. Michelle, the student government president. (Me -- I was the co-editor in chief of the yearbook and voted class flirt.)

They are in a way new role models for today's girls and young women. Actually, maybe for adult women as well. Now, if we could just have their hair, make up, and clothing allowances.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said.

Debra W. Haffner said...

From a woman friend who read this and asked me to post:

OK, Debra, what about all the women who are independent,strong, smart, forceful and NOT BEAUTIFUL? Would ANYof the women you note be in their positions if they were FAT and HOMELY??? Did someone say, "Fat is a Feminist Issue?"

Anonymous said...

Too bad Hillary Clinton didn't make your list. maybe she's not curerntly dominating the current election but in my opinion she did more to advance the status of women than any of the other three mentioned. Besides, is it really fair to consider the potential first ladies in the same category as those running for actual office? I'm not negating Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain, but they aren't running for office, their spouses are.

And yes--why did you count "beautiful" among your list of adjectives about what makes these women positive role models?