Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's October -- Are You Celebrating?

I received an email this morning saying it was International Non-Violence Day in honor of Gandhi's birthday.

October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Let's Talk About Sex Month (to encourage parent/child communication about sexuality.) National Coming Out Day is in a few weeks as well.

It's easy to be a bit cynical about these months, colored ribbons, and colored jelly wrist bands. Surely, these represent issues that should be talked about all twelve months of the year. Surely we are called to educate ourselves and our congregations about these issues on a regular basis.

But, on the other hand, wouldn't it be great to see these issues raised by a reporter or in one of the upcoming debates? Or, maybe you've been looking for a reason to preach on a sexual issue and you could tie it to one of these.

And maybe it's a reminder to think about these issues in the context of your own life. Schedule a mammogram or remind the women over 35 you love to do so. Reach out or donate to your local domestic violence shelter. Talk to your own children about sexuality. Share your story about coming out or make sure your workplace or church or school is a safe place for LGBT people to do so. Ask a local candidate where they stand on these issues.

Pick one -- or think about another. Let me know.

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