Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dayenu -- the seder at the White House

I'm hoping you can click on this photo of the White House seder and make it larger. It was sent to me by a friend who is a friend of a person who was there. Of course, I had heard about the White House seder -- how during the campaign, there was a seder in a hotel room and the campaign workers rather than saying "Next Year in Jerusalem!" -- the traditional ending of the seder -- said "Next Year at the White House! and THERE THEY ARE.
For those of you are Jewish, you might note that they are using the Maxwell House Haggadah (the haggadah of my childhood seders when haggadahs came with coffee cans!) and that each person has their own seder plate. As my sister said, "They didn't have to share their charoseth."
Look to at who seems to leading the seder. Do you think they sang Chad Gad Yo or that Sasha did the four questions?
I found this photo touching and affirming. One can hardly imagine a seder in either of the Bush White House dining rooms. Maybe the Clintons though.

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