Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blessings for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite national holiday. I like it because almost everyone in the United States celebrates it. I like it because its origins are based in religious freedom and tolerance. I like that it brings families together, and I even like the food. I love the Macy's Day parade, and if it's a nice day, we'll be there watching the floats. I like that college students are home for the long weekend, and I like that all of my family lives close enough for us to celebrate together, even if that means dinner at one house and dessert at another.

Mostly though I like that it is a reminder to pause and reflect on our blessings. I try to do that every day as part of my spiritual practice, but on Thanksgiving, it is also a chance to share our deep sense of gratitude with those we love and to give thanks for the very preciousness of our lives.

May your Thanksgiving be such a day of gratitude and blessings. See you next week.

Reverend Debra


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks for keeping your blog, I enjoy reading it.

will smama said...

Happy Thanksgiving!