Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rev. Haffner on the Election, Round 1

We had more than forty people, largely from our church, in my living room watching the results of the election together. It might surprise you to know that there was political diversity in the group, particularly about our local Connecticut elections, but it definitely felt right to be watching in community.

I asked the last group of stalwarts to go home to bed at 12:30 a.m. The overall composition of the Senate still hasn't been decided this morning, waiting on results from Virginia and Montana.

We are a non partisan organization, so I won't comment here on the outcome of particular races. But, I am so thankful for the dramatic defeat of the draconian ban on abortion in South Dakota and the defeat of the marriage amendment in Arizona. Many pro-choice, pro- equality candidates won. Other states did pass marriage amendments.

But, regardless, I think the American people sent a message. Stop politics as usual. Do something about ending the Iraqi War. Return to a nation characterized by fairness and compassion.

Overall, a satisfying evening. We didn't get everything we wanted; we didn't lose everything we needed. Sort of like life.

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