Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Breakthrough on the Soaps

I was a "General Hospital" fan when I was in high school and then again when I was nursing my babies. So, I can't say I know much about "All My Children" and the stories of Pine Valley.

But, I have just learned that this Thursday, AMC is going to debut a story line about a person of transgender experience -- Zarf, a male rock star, who will begin transitioning to a woman. Zarf will be daytime's first transgendered character.

According to the press release, All My Children has worked with GLAAD on the development of the character and the story, although GLAAD spokespersons have not seen the soap yet. One can hope that this story will be told with empathy, compassion, and knowledge of the issues facing people in transition.

I may just have to tune in to see.

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