Monday, January 08, 2007


This weekend the Christian church celebrated the feast of the epiphany. The story goes that on January 6th the three kings finally reached the end of their journey to bring their gifts to the baby Jesus. The end of their journey brought them to a new beginning. They had an epiphany -- with awe and wonder, they experienced the world anew.
How often life seems like that to me. The year to come will bring many such endings and new beginnings in my family. My daughter will graduate from college and my son from middle school. By next fall, they will both begin again. As they enter new chapters, so will we.
But, every day offers us the opportunity of a new beginning, and when we are open, for at least, small epiphanies. To be fully present to THIS day, to let go of grievances and hurts, to bring the best of ourselves to each of our interactions, to be open to the learnings that present themselves THIS day. May today be just such a day.

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