Thursday, January 11, 2007

Take a stand today against the war

Some mornings events in the world are more important than anything I can say about sexuality. (If you are looking for a wide range of perspectives on sexuality and religion, read the comments at yesterday's post.)
I watched the President last night with a very heavy sense of heart and a sense of outrage. I thought of the slogan I read somewhere, "Which part of 'we are the peacemakers' does he not understand?"
So, tonight my family and I will join others at a local protest on the steps of a local church. It's supposed to be in the local 20's. I cannot NOT be there.
To find an event in your area, go to Put in your zip code and find a place where you can tell the President that you oppose his "surge". Go to to find out about the Christian march planned for March in Washington, D.C.
This is one place where "Just Say No" is the right response.

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Bill Baar said...

You'd rather the Baathist and Jihadist win? It would be a very bad fate for Liberalism in the middle east. There are some values worth fighting for.