Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vote for....ME!

According to this article on Voice for America , more than ten politicians have announced or are seriously considering running for President in 2008. The election is almost 700 days away.

It all seems too early somehow. As much as I would find it thrilling to hear "Madame President" or to witness the first person of color become President, it just seems to0 early to know who would be the best person to lead the United States. The only thing I'm certain of is that I won't be voting for Sam Brownback. Although I am not a one issue voter, and the war in Iraq clearly is the area crying out most for leadership, I will be watching (and blogging) closely on how sexual justice issues are addressed in the month's ahead.

But, if you are eager to vote NOW, I have an opportunity for you. My blog has been nominated in several categories for the UU Blog award. My favorite entry from 2006 is up for "Best Political Commentary" and I've also been nominated in the Best New Blog and Best Minister Blog categories. So, if you like what you have read here, please vote here for this blog. It's listed by its title "Sexuality and Religion: What's the Connection?" And check out some of the other blogs listed. They are terrific. You don't have to be a Unitarian Universalist to vote. Just a supporter.

Maybe it will help get you in the mood for all those other emails you are getting from people running for President. Or at least the Academy Awards.

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