Sunday, September 09, 2007


Today was the homecoming service at the Unitarian Church in Westport. I've been a member of this church since 1989, and their endorsed community minister since 2003. I am not part of the staff of the church, but instead tithe my time, offering support to the ministers and the staff and services to the congregation related to sexuality issues.

I wrote this chalice lighting for homecoming Sunday. It's my wish for us all, no matter what community you call home.

The first spoken words in the Hebrew Bible are “Let there be light.” Let there be light today as we once again gather in community. Let us feel the light within each of us burn brighter. Let us feel the light of each others’ lives surround us. Let us feel the light of the new year that begins for so many of us, not in January, but in the early days of September.

Let this chalice light represent what brings us back to our beloved community – the gifts of friendship, of wisdom, of insights, of encouragement, of support. Let this light remind of us our history, our knowing, our shared silence and our shared laughter, our shared tears and our shared hope for our futures.

May our lights be rekindled – as individuals, as friends, as family, as church community.

Let there always be light.