Monday, September 17, 2007

Off to Iowa

I'm off tomorrow morning to speak in Ames, Iowa on Wednesday. I've never been to Iowa, and it's a long trip with multiple legs from my home in Connecticut. But I understand that the Presidential candidates are spending a lot of time there, and I'm excited to talk to the Iowans (is that what they are called?) about what it's like to be so important in the coming election season. Connecticut is always a mere * in primary votes.

I also like that Iowas is the first of what I think of as the "square states" to allow same sex marriages. Well, at least they did for four hours last month. And depending on what a court decides, they may become the second state to do so.

I'll report more from the heartland when I get there.


Anonymous said...

You can call 'em Iowegians if you want to get a laugh. ;-) I went to high school in IA, and it's not bad for one of those "square" states. Pretty, too.

eric said...

I think, Rev., that you'll find that we Iowans... or as we sometimes joke "Iowegians"... are actually quite a progressive lot... always have been! Hope you enjoy our fine state!

Anonymous said...

Hope your visit to Iowa went well--every time I've been I have met kind, thoughtful people that lead pretty parallel lives to many in "unsquare" states, i.e. hard working, trying their best to raise families, paying property taxes and health care premiums, etc.

Just remember to not mix it up with Idaho or Ohio and you'll be fine! ;-)