Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Sad Decision

I'm sad to learn that the Maryland Supreme Court voted 4 - 3 to uphold the ban on marriages for same sex couples earlier today. I suppose I should be heartened that it was a close decision, and that the General Assembly will surely take up the issue in the coming year.

But, it makes me sad to think that countless Maryland families have once again been told that they just aren't as equal as others, and that their children are going to bed tonight knowing that the state doesn't protect their family. And it enrages me that this court, like the court in Washington State, based its decision partially on the ability of heterosexual couples to procreate. Perhaps someone should introduce a bill requiring fertility tests of heterosexual couples or banning heterosexual marriages when the woman is in perimenopause.

Today, the Religious Institute released a new publication, "A Time to Seek: A Study Guide on Sexual and Gender Diversity." You can read the full publication at www.religiousinstitute.org And even better, for a short time, we are able to offer free copies of A Time to Seek to clergy and lay religious leaders. If you fit that description, send us an email.

Perhaps we should send one to the 4 Maryland justices.

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