Friday, February 08, 2008

Notes from Creating Change

I'm at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force meeting, "Creating Change", in Detroit, Michigan this weekend. I spoke yesterday at a meeting of faith leaders on "Why I am More Than An Ally." I hope to turn it into a podcast next week.

Almost 2000 people are at this meeting. As I looked around the ballroom last night at the opening session, I thought to myself, "This is the Far Right's worst nightmare." There is an excitement and energy here that is palpable. I keep thinking of William James, "there is no greater power than an idea whose time has come."

I spent yesterday dressed in my clerical collar. I received a wide range of responses from people, especially people who were at my talk. One young woman told me that I confirmed for her that she has to go to seminary. One told me that he would try church again. But, another person, seeking the collar, asked me if I was here to protest against the meeting.

Unlike the larger world, the presumption here is that all attendees are LGBT. I've had to make the choice a few times in personal interactions whether to come out as a married heterosexual. I am aware of my sexual orientation here in the same way I was more aware of my race when I traveled in rural Japan several years ago. It is a deep reminder of white privilege, of heterosexual privilege.

As Friday begins, my heart is open to today's learnings.

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