Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've been spending every other day at 7 a.m. the last few weeks at the physical therapist, trying to relieve the injury's I acquired in the fall's pilates reformer classes.

One of the PT's is a Jehovah's Witness and as he places the various equipment on the my body (who thought up electric stimulation anyway??), we've had several theological discussions.

I was stunned to learn this morning that his religion dictates that he not vote in elections. I tried to keep my heart open as I listen to why (which has to do with God being the only true ruler and that we are of God's kingdom not man's), but it was hard for me to comprehend.

I LOVE voting. I love not only the idea that in a democracy we have a say in our leaders, but I love going to the local elementary school, seeing my 80 something high school chemistry teacher who works at the polls each year, entering the voting booth, pulling the levers, buying the homemade baked goods from the PTA parents, and wearing the "I voted" sticker.

And I believe it is our moral obligation to vote -- and to be grateful for the opportunity to do so. I love that more people are turning out for these primaries than ever before, and I even love that this year, for the first time I can remember, I will be happy whatever the results in my party. (And I still have 12 hours to decide exactly who I am voting for...!)

So, in this case, I find it hard to be open to my PT's point of view. To this minister, standing up for what one believes and making oneself heard in this time and place is just too important.



Janet said...

You'll be happy to know that most EX-jw's vote. And we're pretty thorough on our research, too.

I will be voting today.

BruceChris said...

Does your Jehovah's Witness friend realize that if he lived in a country where no one was allowed to vote, his religion could not exist in the form that he is familiar with?