Monday, April 07, 2008

And The Review Said...

Publisher's Weekly just published it's review of my new book,
What Every 21st Century Parent Needs to Know.

Here's what they said, and the link to the actual column.

What Every 21st-Century Parent Needs to Know: Facing Today's Challenges with Wisdom and Heart Debra W. Haffner. Newmarket, $24.95 (240p) ISBN 978-1-55704-787-8
Haffner (From Diapers to Dating), an ordained Unitarian minister, isn't afraid to tackle the big questions, including drinking, drugs and teen sex. But while Haffner “tells it like it is,” she also presents the research and statistics to prove that many of parents' worst fears are unfounded. Instead of a media-hyped view of the challenges parents face in the 21st century, Haffner concludes that most kids are on the right track; in fact, she claims that they are “smart, committed, and engaged in their families and communities,” and that they are making better choices about health and related issues than many of their parents did at the same age. The author stresses that parenting style can have a significant impact on whether kids go down undesirable roads. Utilizing what she calls the “Affirming Parent” style, she offers a number of viable solutions to common problems, ranging from Internet use to overscheduling. Haffner covers a great deal of ground in this compact book; readers will appreciate her just-the-facts-please approach as well as her tendency to interpret the stats from the bright side. (May)

Nice, right? It's exciting to get this type of review. If you are a parent or a grandparent, or someone who works with youth professionally, I hope you'll buy the book. If you do it at the link on the right side of the blog, a portion of the proceeds will support the Religious Institute. You can read excerpts at

And if you do read it, tell me what you think. After all, it's the opinions of parents that matter to me the most.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog and have your “from diapers to dating” book, but it’s packed is storage back home (I live overseas temporarily.) I was hoping you could direct me to a blog post(s) or book(s) regarding talking to my preteen (9-y-o) daughter about sexual expression. She is outwardly exploring sexuality by dressing up in sexy clothes, mimicking sexual dances that she sees in music videos, wanting to “make out" with mom.” Much of it she does for humor and to get a rise or a laugh out of her friends. She is naturally very provocative, is using sexuality to provoke her peers. Some of her friends participate and think it’s fun/funny. Others are uncomfortable or fear they will get in trouble or their parents will disapprove. I am trying to give her a positive but cautious message about her behavior, but it’s tricky. I tell her that sexy dancing is inappropriate for children, but that I understand why she and her friends might think it’s funny and they might be curious about it. I tell her that some people, including possibly adults who are not safe, may get the wrong idea from her behavior. I tell her that some adults and kids may disapprove of her behavior and make negative judgments about her based on her behavior. But, I don’t personally believe that “sexy dancing” is bad or wrong for adult women in appropriate situations--and I know that as a teenager there will be a lot of sexy dancing going on but I’m not so sure at what age I think it’s acceptable. Please let me know if you have written anything on this topic and where I might go to find some guidance.