Friday, April 18, 2008

Help Support Women in New Orleans

I'm sure I am supposed to be blogging about the Pope's visit, but I'm going to leave that to my Roman Catholic feminist friends. I am glad that the Pope finally spoke out against clergy sexual abuse (and that he didn't equate it with homosexuality), but really, couldn't he have said something sooner from the Vatican? I understand they do have a press operation there.
But, instead, I've been meaning all week to ask you to support the women of New Orleans. That's my mom, daughter, and I in beautiful scarves produced and sold by women from the ASHE Culture Arts Center. They are working through their art to reclaim a part of New Orleans.
They've designed a special scarf "The Ashe Scarf" to help them become self sustaining. For $25, you can have a beautiful scarf and support the women of New Oreans. Read more at, 504 569 9070.

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