Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 1 - V to the 10th

Back in February, I blogged from the NGTLF conference that it would be the Far Right's worst nightmare.

Actually, I think SuperLove, the V-Day take over of the Super Dome would surpass it.

I walked into the Superdome replaying the horrifying images of Katrina in my mind. It's impossible to use the restroom without REMEMBERING.

But, today women took the SuperDome back, filling it with feminist energy and love. It's late, but here are some of what I remember from today:

*Walking into the arena through a huge sculpture of a pink vagina.

*Native American women dancing to purify the space.

*Buddhist priest Joan Halifax gracing the stage and us.

*Beautiful women of every age, color, race, and orientation sharing together.

*A choir of girls who called us to our feet.

*Women from Iraq and Afghanistan, telling us that their lives were worse now than before, and begging us to tell our leaders that it is time for the US occupation to end.

*The debut of "Swimming Upstream", a play written by Eve Ensler and 16 Katrina warriers, that made Katrina oh so real.

And the gratitude, deep deep gratitude, in my heart to be there, be HERE, offering prayers and receiving God's grace.

More tomorrow.

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Lilylou said...

How exciting that you can be at the big Vagina Weekend, Debra! I caught some of that excitement myself by participating in our local VM production in February. What a terrific event for women!