Friday, November 10, 2006

Election Results # 3

I promise this is my last one, but it's nice to have something to celebrate this week.

I'm receiving post-election analysis from several non-profit organizations that I thought I'd share (in case you are not on these mailing lists.)

From Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

* At least three new pro-choice candidates for Governor won.

* Several state legislatures have flipped to pro-choice majorities, including both chambers in IA, the House in WI and the Senate in MN.

* Pro-choice leaders, including the first woman Speaker, now control the House of Representatives.

* There are 28 seats in the House that have changed parties so far. 27 Representatives who lost were anti-choice or mixed. 18 new Representatives are 100% pro-choice.

* There are 5 Senate seats that have changed parties so far. 4 Senators who lost were anti-choice or mixed. 4 new Senators are 100% pro-choice.

From NARAL Pro-Choice America: The U.S. House gained 20 pro-choice seats.

From the Human Rights Campaign Fund: Pro-gay equality forces now hold a majority of seats in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate.

From an analysis by Faith in Public Life: The seven marriage amendments that did pass passed by on average 12 points less than they did in 2004. And Arizona DEFEATED an amendment.

Let's not forget the victories for stem cell research in Missouri and access to abortion in South Dakota, California, and Oregon.

These are value votes, and we were the value voters who won. People voted to protect the values of freedom, responsibility, research progress, and the right to privacy in our most personal decisions. Those aren't Democratic or Republican values; they are not red state/blue state values; they aren't even conservative/liberal values. They are American values, and although the work is far from over, we can take heart that in many places in America, and in the U.S. Congress for the next two years, they will be affirmed.

Have a good weekend.

Rev. Debra

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Anonymous said...

The Democrats won both houses of congress, but in order to keep them and pass meaningful legislation they will have to work with Republicans and not let the left of their party run the show.This is a lesson validated by history.