Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wishes for the New Year

My family will travel to Charleston, South Carolina this weekend to participate in a wonderful event called Renaissance Weekend. Now in its 25th year, Renaissance brings together nearly 1000 diverse professionals and their families for a weekend of conversations, panels, good food, and fun. We are very grateful to be included.

I will be speaking on a variety of panels and co-leading the New Year's worship service. I will conclude my section with this prayer on the New Year by WB Dubois. It is my prayer for all of you united in the work for justice in the world.

"We pray, oh God, for confidence in ourselves, our powers, and our purposes in the beginning on this New Year. Ward us from all lack of faith and hesitancy and inspire in us not only the determination to do a year's work well, but the unfaltering belief that whht we wish to do, we will. Every deed accomplished finishes not ony itself but is fallow ground for future deeds. Abundantly endow us with this deed-born faith."

Blessings on the New Year.

I'll be back here January 3rd.

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