Friday, January 26, 2007

The "T" in GLBT

Newsweek Online has a terrific story this week about the first ever conference of clergy of transgendered experience. You can read it at :

At a time when many denominations are struggling to affirm the G and the L in GLBT, and a television star is entering treatment to understand his use of homophobic slurs in public, too few religious institutions are trying to understand the "T" (to say nothing of the QQI -- queer, questioning, and intersexual persons.)

I believe with my whole heart that sexual difference is a blessed part of our endowment, and those persons who do not fit into the male/female binary need to be fully welcomed into our faith communities, including in lay and clerical leadership positions. Kudos to Newsweek for covering this conference in a non-exploitative manner and to all of you who are working for true full inclusion of us all.
The Religious Institute is working on a Study Note on the Science and Theology of Sexual Difference. I'll let you know when it's ready!


Lilylou said...

Amen, sister Debra! I think it is exciting to have the whole continuum of gender and expression of love represented in our congregations.

Preach it!

DeniseUMLaw said...

Thank you for sharing your love and intellect with the rest of the world. We hear so often from the religious "right" that it's nice to hear from someone who sees the diversity in humanity as something to celebrate and not diminish.