Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time for a New Religious Home?

Today was Association Sunday across the country for Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Although my organization, the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing, works with congregations and clergy from across the spectrum of religious institutions, I am proud to be an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and proud of the work that UU congregations do to be sexually healthy faith communities and advocate for sexual justice.

If you are happy in your religious home and how it treats sexuality issues -- or if you are happy not belonging to a faith community -- read no further.

But every week as I speak across America, I meet people who have given up on their religion or their faith, often precisely because of the way it handles sexuality issues. So if that's you, I want to share with you our good news: that the Unitarian Universalist Association is one denomination that does not ask you to choose between being religious or being sexual, but instead affirms the dignity and worth of all people. We have a long history of supporting women's right to abortion, the rights of LGBT people, the need for comprehensive sexuality education -- and an even longer history of the right to tolerance, freedom of the pulpit, and the freedom to seek your own theological answers to your questions. An upcoming ad in Time magazine for the UUA promises, "Find and Ye Shall Seek."

If this sounds like it might be home for you, I hope you'll visit and find a congregation near you. Try us out some Sunday. We might be just what you are looking for.

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