Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey for Thanksgiving


I'm off on Tuesday for a weeklong trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I've been invited as one of 35 women participants, and one of only two from the United States, to a meeting sponsored by the Association for Women's Rights in Development on how religious fundamentalisms are limiting women's rights.

The AWID is "an international membership organization that works to strengthen the voice, impact, and influence of women's rights advocates, organizations, and movements internationally to effectively advance the rights of women."
I am delighted to have been invited and look forward to telling you what I learn from this amazing group of women from around the world. Watch my blog for reports!

I am sad to be missing Thanksgiving with my family. As my son said, "Mom, how ironic to miss Thanksgiving for Turkey!" But I am grateful for their support of my ministry and these opportunities.

And I am grateful to all of you -- my regular readers. You now number about a thousand people who return on a regular basis. Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your's.

Rev. Debra


Anonymous said...

Rev. Haffner - have a safe trip. Prayers for a blessed Thanksgiving for you and yours as well.

Feeby Neko said...

Aww, I'm sorry you don't get to be with your son for Thanksgiving but you are doing good work. It is a little ironic though about being in Turkey on Thanksgiving. :D Wonderful blog. Glad I paid a visit. I'll try to check back now and then.