Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marriage Equality -- More Signs That Its Time Has Come

Victor Hugo once wrote, "There is no greater power than an idea whose time has come."

In the last twenty four hours, the state of California has announced it will begin marrying same sex couples and the Governor of New York ordered state agencies to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states and countries. This morning, at a meeting we were running on sexuality and seminaries, we took a moment to celebrate these steps towards marriage equality. As religious leaders, we know that where there is love, the sacred is in our midst.

And today, Macy's in LA ran a full page ad in the LA Times, featuring two wedding bands at the top and the words, "First comes love. Then comes marriage. And now it's a milestone every couple in California can celebrate." (Thanks to my colleague Evan Wolfson at Freedom to Marry for passing on the ad.)

Think about that for a moment: a major commercial institution recognized that same sex couples deserve to be married. I keep thinking about my favorite Christmas themed movie, "Miracle on 34th Street." If you remember, after the Santa at Macy's begins refering customers to competitors and people applauded their action, Gimbels adapts the same policy. Soon other major retailers follow. I vaguely remember someone saying, "As Macy goes, so goes Gimbels."

So, Ikea, Nordstrom, Saks, Home Depot, and Target -- are you ready to introduce wedding registries for same sex couples in California? There are a lot of same sex couples who need sheets and towels.

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