Friday, July 03, 2009

Standing on the Side of Love

Last week, at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, the UUA unveiled its new slogan, "Standing on the Side of Love" with a huge banner on the front of the Salt Lake City Convention Center.
The slogan began as a slogan for marriage equality, but has been adopted as the UUA's theme for the coming years. At first, some folks were upset that it had been co-opted for larger issues, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.
What a perfect personal and political ethic. If LOVE is the prevailing theology, then answers on immigration, the death penalty, war, the environment and yes, sexuality, all become very clear. Choose love. Treat each other with love. Treat yourself with love. Enter each day committed to stand on the side of love.
What do you think?
P.S. I'm at a conference this weekend, and have already been asked at least half a dozen times what UU's believe. Here's my 30 second answer:: One God. No Hell. Build Your Own Theology. Stand on the side of love.
Works for me.

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