Monday, November 02, 2009

Vote on Election Day -- Especially in ME, WA, NJ, & VA

I love Election Day. I love going to the polls, going into the private voting booth, and even the earnest bake sales afterwards. I proudly wear my "I voted" button for weeks after Election Day.

Tomorrow is local election time in Connecticut, and the outcomes are just about certain. Still, I plan to be there.

But, some of you live in states where the outcomes for sexual justice will really matter, and I hope you will for sure go out and vote.

In New Jersey and Virginia, voters have a clear choice between pro-choice and anti-choice candidates for Governors. Those votes will have a large impact on whether women in those states will have access to safe abortions without unnecessary or harmful restrictions.

Voters in Maine and Washington State will either affirm or deny the rights of lesbian and gay people to marriage (Maine) or domestic partnership (Washington), rights already conferred by state legislatures. Pro-marriage equality religious leaders have been active in both states. Let's all pray that there won't be a repeat of Prop 8.

If you don't live in one of those states, I'm guessing you have friends who do. Please consider using Facebook or email to remind them how important their vote will be. And all of us can pray for justice. I know I am.

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