Thursday, April 13, 2006

William Sloane Coffin

I was sad to learn this morning that William Sloane Coffin has died at 81.

Rev. Coffin was the epitome of a religious leader working for social change in society. During the Vietnam War, he spoke truth to power on a regular basis and emerged as a leading religious voice against the war.

I never met him personally, but I had his support. I remember how thrilled I was when he was one of the first religious leaders who endorsed the Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing. Even though he was retired and living in Vermont, he was still speaking out for the rights of the most marginalized. A year ago, after I had sent out a mailing to the Religious Institute network, he sent me a personal handwritten note thanking me for our work. William Sloan Coffin thanking me? It's still hanging on the wall of my office.

America has lost a giant. He will always be one of my role models and an inspiration for what a religious leader can do -- and more importantly, be. Rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

Rev. Coffin was a man of priciple.