Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Skip the Movie -- DaVinci Code Part 3

I saw the DaVinci Code last night. After a blockbuster weekend, there were 6 other people in the movie theater with me. I think that's because the word is out -- the movie is dreadful. Too long, completely predictable, overdrawn, and poorly acted (with the exception of the villains who are terrific). The music was lovely though.

And, let me repeat, this is fiction, and much of the religious backstory is fiction as well. Some of it actually made me laugh. The portrayal of the vote at the Council of Nicea struck me as funny. It will clearly offend some Christians in its central message, although my fellow Unitarian Universalists are most likely going to wonder what the fuss is about.

But, as I wrote last week, it is a national teachable moment. For those of us who are ministers, it is an opportunity to talk about the early church, Jesus, and most especially Mary Magdalene. I highly recommend my colleague Karen L. King's book, "The Gospel of Mary of Magdala", to you if if you'd like to learn what we really know about this important woman of the gospels.

Save the money on the movie -- buy her book.


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Well of course the movie and book are fiction. While most people argue the many "historical" points raised in the book, they often miss the biggest "fact" which has no historical basis...that Jesus existed. There is zero historical evidence that that demi-god Jesus existed.