Friday, May 05, 2006

Speak Out Against Discrimination

I caught the end of Mary Cheney's interview on television last night. Although I understand family loyalty, one couldn't help but wonder how she continues to support the Bush administration's attacks on equality for GLBT people.

With everything that is going on in the political world, you may have missed that the Senate leadership has promised to bring SJ Resolution 1 to the floor for a vote, maybe as early as June 5th. This resolution writes discrimination into the US Constitution. It says that "marriage in the US shall consist only of the union or a man and a woman" and prohibits the Constitution or any state constitution from offering legal rights pertaining to marriage to "any union other than that of a man and a woman." If it was to pass and be ratified, states like Massachussetts, Connecticut, and Vermont, would find their laws overturned.

This dangerous amendment went down to defeat in the Senate before. It is clearly an electoral year ploy by the Republicans to shore up their radically conservative base. You can speak out. Write your Senator TODAY at our Action Center. If you are a member of the clergy, sign on to the Coalition Against Discrimination in the Constitution's Faith For Fairness Letter and endorse the Religious Institute's Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Marriage Equality.

Our voices can and must make a difference. Unlike Mary Cheney, we can speak out for justice.

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