Monday, June 05, 2006

New Poll Demonstrates Americans Value Religious Freedom

If you haven't written your Senators about the Federal Marriage Amendment, please see yesterday's blog for how to do so quickly and easily.

But frankly, I found today' s reports from the White House and the Senate too depressing to write about again. Especially because I want to tell you about a new report from the Center for American Progress that should make us hopeful for America.

The Religion project at CAP released survey results from a poll that they conducted in February on American's moral values and feelings about religion in public life. They found that almost three quarters of Americans worry about how materialistic we are becoming and almost nine in ten think we should be doing more to help the poor and disadvantaged. Two thirds of respondents believe that family, individual freedom, equality, and religious freedom are essential characteristics of American life. Almost six in ten believe it is important for America to value both faith and science.

The major moral crisis in America according to those polled -- 28% said children not being raised with the right values. 22% said corruption in government and business. Only 3 in 100 said abortion and homosexuality.

You can read the full poll results and even download a powerpoint presentation at the Center for American Progress website. There are a lot of sermons in this data.

On these days when the Senate is considering putting discrimination into the Constitution, let's hope that they are listening to what Americans are trying to tell them. (And I'm hoping that you've let them hear from you -- again read yesterday's blog on how to send your Senator an email or leave a message with their office.)

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