Thursday, July 06, 2006

Andrew Sullivan and Me!

At 6:30 am this morning, I discovered that 300 people had read my blog today. I thought there was something wrong with the counter. When I investigated, I discovered that author and columnist Andrew Sullivan had included a link to my blog on Rush and Viagra in his post this morning. As of a few minutes ago, I had had 5600 visitors to my blog today.

Up until today, my daily high was I'm pretty excited about this connection. And I hope some of these people will be curious enough about the connection between sexuality and religion to return to find out more. After all, how many sexologist ministers can there be in the blogosphere?

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Zachary Drake said...

In an effort to generate traffic for my blog, I often leave Trackbacks on Sullivan's site. For a small blog like my own, this can be a good tactic for drawing in some readers. Sullivan often talks about gay marriage and sexual hypocricy, so you may want to use the same tactic.

On many matters he can be quite conservative, and I think he's a hopeless optimist on the war, which annoys me greatly. But on gay marriage and his stances against this administrations' torture policies, I'm right with him.